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Welcome & Happy Holidays

Welkom -节日快乐 - Jiérì kuàilè - Salên pîroz

  - Schastlivykh prazdnikov  -  Happīhoridē Kellemes Ünnepeket - jeulgeoun hyuil -  Felices vacaciones - Shchaslyvykh svyat - تعطیلات شاد - Hauoli Makahiki -  Sreḱni praznici

We have 2 mixes of the song to choose from.

While, we didn't plan on elves getting into the recording studio and taking over one Elevate mix, a version, now aptly renamed, 'Elves Invade The Sky', ( Elves by nature have a propensity for cutting everything up and making cool toys out of it ). We allowed the charming characters a rare chance to “warm up” Santa's sleigh, with an unauthorized, unapologetic, extraordinary Barnstorming, hair raising, acrobatic, gift raiding, icy cold test flight.  The sleigh held up, the gifts made it through (except for 1 Football now embedded somewhere deep in the ice of the North Pole).

The elves didn’t spill a drop of Santa's Coffee. ( because it was frozen...The way Santa drinks it. ) 


The 2nd version, 'Elevate The Night', is for people who have been around Elves all year, love Elves, but want some time off from them and just need a little romance, to “Elevate The Night”…(We couldn't resist).

No matter which version of, 'Elevate The Night', you and your family enjoy most,

Andy Land and everyone involved in the production of 'Elevate the Night', (including our  family of playful Elves) wish you, your family and the world a wonderful, peaceful,  happy and safe, Holiday Season and New Year!


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Thank you,

Elevate The Night Cast & Crew


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Andy Land 

Elevate The Night Productions

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