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Andy Land was born in a land far away and hidden.
He likes having his bios written in staccato form. We don't know why.

He was born youngest of 3.
He graduated Kindergarten after reading a poem. He charged into grade school.
He liked music till he was 8.


Something happened at 8.
He fell in love with music. It held a power over him.
Music held A huge power.

He targeted his dreams after High School. He began Martial Arts and took a demo flight in a small airplane. He wanted to fly. He wanted to train. He Wanted to Make Songs. But...he could afford one.  He trained in Martial Arts.


He went to university for

business. He did business                              things.

He was bored with business

things. He stopped doing business things. He left!

He had a black belt and a                              2nd degree in the same art.
He was told to go for a 3rd.

He said, "No Sabum"!                                       He did lots of pushups for                               many weeks.

He got good at aerial                                     kicks, jumping, spinning 

locating the target and landing on his feet. He feels face landings sucked...they do suck.

He spends time

in nature. He goes wild in


He Paraglides.

He rock climbed and used                               it to remove fear of heights.

He has faced many fears                                and learned they go away                              - fast, the coward fear is.

He was born painfully shy. It served little purpose. He stopped doing it.

He got over fear of singing. It was more important to sing.


He learned to write action songs. He can write funny songs. Many of his songs are inspired by his lifestyle. From events, adventures and misadventures in nature.

He had voice training so he read for visually impaired residents in Portland with Golden Hours Radio. He also volunteered to read their mail for them in their homes. (The Residents were there when he read it too). He got to play tug of war with Service Dogs, While the dogs were off duty.


He helped children and ladies in a shelter to be stronger and more confident and get past many challenges.

He likes performing music. He likes singing.                                                                                                                                              He likes having people in his audience. 

He said, "It's been a twisting road and a unique journey".

He apologizes for the long bio.

He wants the Earth to Survive

Elevate The Night

 ( Come On, Come On, Come On )

  An Energizing - Elevating

 Playful Holiday Song

We wanted to put together an energizing, up tempo, Happy Holiday Song, with a playful production and fun, playful lyrics, to "Elevate" timeless smiles for your Christmas Holiday Season.

We think we did it!!!

Tell a friend if you agree. Do it again.

Elevate The Night & Elves Invade The Sky (C)  2019 Andy Land 

Artist: Elevate The Night/Andy Land

Writers: Andy Land-Exclusive Rights Holder

BMI - Broadcast Music Inc.

Licensing Contact: or

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