Elevate The Night &

Elves Invade The Sky


Lyrics & Melody - Andy Land

Lead Singer - Andy Land 


Elves Voice Over Artists 

- Whoosh, HeHe & Wow 

Produced & Published by Andy Land (C) 2019 Andy Land  

Andy Land Music       BMI 2019  


Special Thanks to: 

Christian Brown - For the Electrifying guitars & Music 


Brian Wall - Recording Engineer 

Nina Chang - Cover art and design. Thank you for your Amazing Art and professionalism 


The Interns provided by the Recording Studios 

From conception to finish 

My Dad & 

Frank Devince & 

My Board of Directors, for the team meetings.

For being there.

And thank you for your time most of all! 


Martha Vaughn 

Production assistant & 

Fire fighter


Beta Team - Tammy, Dez, Michelle 


Amanda Colleen Williams for a wealth of industry and artistic knowledge and pushing for the finish! 


All my Songwriting friends Fellow performers & 

music mentors, in voice, performance & Music.

-My business mentors 

-The team at Songpreneurs 

for helping me focus on my future and switch tracks while traveling at life speed and For helping me grow and develop as a musician and performer and business owner 


Thank you to the rest of my friends & Family 

A Happy Uplifting Christmas Song

Elevate The Night

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