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Questions & Excerpts from Interviews

Q - What's your favorite color?

A -  Blue! Deep rich blue.

Q - What's your favorite food?

A - Too many. I love good Pizza, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Mexican, Hawaiian, Mediterranean,  I'm thankful I live in a country where we have no shortage of food.

Q - What's your favorite book?

A - Anything in the industry. Anything on people who beat the odds. 'Relentless' By Julian Edelman. Jessica Watson & Laura Dekker, Who each, as teens sailed around the World solo

Q - Tell us about your journey.

A - It was a long one. Many setbacks. Well, I began writing lyrics in my teens but I started in music years after with a voice coach who helped me learn how to breathe for singing. After a few years I moved away, after I was layed off of work. When I got on my feet again I started acting and got into an agency. I had a great acting coach. Opportunities were there but small. I took courses in videography at a local T.V. station and started making short Biographies. I loved it but I realized, I had to be in music.

I got another  voice coach and began guitar.


Friends of mine and I were going to do Open Mic's with me as the front man singing, but guys wouldn't show up and practice and work on the music. So I began writing and playing the music too. The hardest thing I had to do at that time was wait to perform till I could play good enough to support my singing on stage. It took years to get good enough on guitar to be able to play and sing and write my music. 


Q -Are you an Elve? I mean on the recording...

A - Yes, I am one!     

Q - Which one of the Elves are you?

A - I want you to guess. I'm more than one.

Q - This song is not a ballad, it's a high energy / playful song!?

How did this song come about? 

A - Well...I wrote a ballad, on Christmas Eve years ago and left it in my PC storage. The chorus was not working. One day, in the summer, the parts you hear today hit me. 

Q - Like a snowball?

A - Like a Rock Song. We used some of the ballad as an intro while working up to recording but eventually dropped the ballad intro and went with high energy.


Q - Isn't Christmas a time for ballads?

A - There are beautiful Christmas ballads but I had to follow the vision. Maybe, someday we'll remix the intro into the song. Songs touch us. I didn’t want to touch anyone! Not in an 'emotional down' way.  I wanted to pull them out of the chair or off their couch and get them to dance in their homes and in store isles and streets. I love when your feet can’t stop tapping, the Serotonin is flowing and the night is 'Elevated'. I don't think a person can be both down and dancing to an up tempo song.

I want the song to be - energy in the soul, what eggnog and gingerbread are to our tongue.  Tasty and uplifting.                                                      

Q - I like Eggnog! Vegan Nog with Coconut milk, have you had it?

A - Yes, I prefer it.  

Q - Are you Vegan?

A - I try to be. Someday I will be 100% Vegan. I'm close, 95%?. I love animals and prefer feeding them or observing them. Eating them is gross to me.


Q - Where is your music available? 

A - It's on the web. Cyber stores and Streaming services. And soon you can buy physical 2 song CDs on

We also will have limited signed copies for sale on our site, real individually signed ones. And cover art and lyric sheets and chord progressions. (We have put this on hold till we've moved beyond the 2020 virus.)


Q - 'Elevate The Night', This is a Debut release? 

A - “Yes”!

Q - Do you have other music 

A - Yes! Great question. 

We are working to get our eclectic style produced. Much more is on the way! Once our culture beats this virus. 

think by late 2021, we should be deep in the recording studio recording a mix of original music.…not Holiday music.                                          

Q - How would you describe your eclectic sound?                                          A - We're kinda rock punk meets      off-road country rock - a bit Chesney & Thomas Rhett mixed with Green Day and Violent Femmes, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Paul McCartney and Keith Urban and Bently.

Rock modern punk.

Q - That all?!

A - Off road Rock

Q - What came first Santa or the Sleigh?

A - Are we going there? I Don't know, Santa's been around a while.  
Q - Elves Invade The Sky is a novelty version of 'Elevate The Night.'?
A - Right. A playful almost

cartoon-esc story in a rock N roll sleigh ride. 
Q - It's a story of Santa not getting to work on time and the Elves get naughty.
A -Exactly. It's something most adults and Children relate to. The cartoon story grew out of wanting to add a playful contemporary element to parts of the production. where no Marmots are injured. I love "Minions" but Minions were done already, so we got creative. It was, what I would do with a cool sleigh. A cool flying sleigh in the North Pole.
Q - Were you looking for your side an Elf?
A - Haha, no. Just can't resist flying 'open air crafts'. Truth is, I don't like the cold much. But I love Flying. I love Elevation. 
Q - (A pun?) 
A - Yes, If I could live on the 100th floor of a house (It would be a big house) or an Apartment building or anything with extreme 'Elevation' I would not hesitate
Q - If you had a side hustle... 
A - ...A scientist working on curing the Earth. Stopping global warming, hunger, disease, abuse, greed. And on weekends an outdoor adventurer 

Q - What have you flown? 
A - A Hang glider a few times and a Paraglider a few hundred. I Took a few small craft single engine lessons too. A different kind of beauty. Flying in an open air device is a dream. Very unreal.  



Q - Would you fly a magic sleigh?
A - HaHa, yes! You know of one?

Q - How hard is it to record a song?

A - It depends on what you want out of the recording. Do you just want to record the moment or, are you doing a demo or a master recording for professional sale and distribution? Either way, spend a lot of hours building your performance level, sound and style beforehand and have fun. Enjoy every step on your journey.    

Q - Any advice for people going after independent music releases? 
A - Make sure you want this. It's time consuming and endless. But the rewards are amazing.
Study the industry and be willing to try things people suggest along the way. There's a reason they are in the studio with you. 
Team efforts win. 
Work hard before the studio.
Do what you dream and you will be rewarded.

Q - What do you like most about performing?

A - I love sharing our music. Being heard and seen. Getting energy from the audience. If I wasn't performing live at venues no one would be telling me who I sound like. I love hearing all the different artists folks tell me, I remind them of. I love the energy of performing. I love being on stage. I love sharing my art. That's the payback.

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